HSR-5995TG Robot servo

Brand: Hitec

Product added on: Saturday: March 15, 2014

Rp 1.767.960
HSR-5995TG was designed from the ground up to meet the demanding needs of Robot application. Incorporating our latest "Titanium Gears" and unique design, HSR-5995TG high torque servo has all the features you would expect from a Robot servo. Please read manual carefully prior to using the HSR-5995TG and keep it in a safe place for later reference.

HSR-5995TG is an extremely high torque servo which may cause serious personal damage/injury if used improperly. Please read the following article carefully before operation.

WARNING : To avoid injury, do not place your hand or fingers near the servo when it is in operation.
CAUTION : To prevent damage to the servo, avoid extreme movements that will place undue stress on the servo.
CAUTION : Hitec does not take any responsibility for any damage or injury caused by improper modification or use of this product.
CAUTION : Use only the original Hilec replacement parts for maximum performance. Any modification to the servo using non Hitec parts will void the warranty.
CAUTION : When replacing damaged gear, make sure to remove any broken pieces or dirt before installing the new gear. Gears must be installed properly without loose play. Only use silicone grease on the gears.
CAUTION : If the servo moves in erratic manner or shows other unusual movement, stop the operation at once and check the servo for damage.

1. Control pulse
HSR-5995TG uses standard pulse for Radio Control.
Refer to below and use within the parameter.
Width of Neutral Pulse : 1500uSec
Pulse Variation : ±400uSec
Pulse Cycle: 12-26mSec
Pulse Wave Voltage: 3.3-7.4V

CAUTION : While HITEC's HSR-5995TG Robot servo does offer wider angle of movement than the conventional servos, close attention should still be paid to the width of Pulse ariation. Excessive width of pulse variation may lock the gears and cause damage to the servo. Use Hitec HFP-10 servo programmer to limit the angle of the movement to that of a conventional servo if so desired.

2. Power
Required input Voltage: 4.8-7.4V
Recommended Battery Type: Nicd, NiMh, Lipo,
Recommended Current Capacity: 2400mAh +
Recommended Cable: AWG20 +

Drop in battery voltage will cause degradation of servo performance. Make sure to use a battery with sufficient current capacity especially when more than one servo is connected and operated from a single power source ( battery ). Insufficient current capacity will lead to rapid drop in the battery voltage. When using Ui-Poly battery, make sure the battery has sufficient maximum current discharge rate. Attention should also be paid to the thickness of the wire supplying power to the servo. oltage drop will occur when the current is increased if the wire supplying the power to the servo is too thin. Voltage fluctuation on servo connector can be detected by "HFP-10 Digital Programmer".

CAUTION : Severe voltage fluctuation will cause damage to the servo.
WARNING : Temporary voltage drop below 4.8V may cause momentary malfunction or erratic behavior of the servo. Do not touch the servo motor with your hands as it will resume normal operation when the voltage goes back to the normal level.

3. Wire (Standard)
Black wire : Negative Red wire : Positive Yellow wire : Control signal CAUTION :The PCB does not have circuit protection against wire shortage. Make sure to check your wire connection to prevent damage to the circuit board.

4. Bottom case
To mount the servo using the old type of bracket which does not use bottom axial mounting hole, it is necessary to exchange the bottom servo case with an optional case without the bottom axial mounting hole.
CAUTION : To prevent loose play of gears, top and bottom case must be assembled tightly. To prevent damage to the IC on the PCB board from the static electricity, DO NOT touch the PCB board when exchanging the case.

Bottom case metal bearing Ultra-Strenght TITANIUM alloy gear + MP gear Programmable Digital FET amplifier Metal Brush Coreless Motor Double ball bearing for output Axis Metal Bearing Gear shaft

Torque : 24kg/cm(at 6.0v) and 30kg/cm(at 7.4V)
Speed : 0.15 seconds/60° (at 6.0V) and 0.12 seconds/60° (at 7.4V)
Operation voltage : 4.8V-7.4V Operation angle: 180° (at 1500uSec, ±400wSec)
Current consumption: 300mA (At 6V with no load) and 380mA (At 7.4V with no load). 4.2A(At 6.OV Lock) and 5.2A(At 7.4V Lock). Size: 40(L) X 20(W) X 37(H) mm (Excluding the projection.)
Weight: 62g

Repair and others: We do not recommend repairing the damaged servo at home. Please call nearest shop or our distributor to request for repair service.

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